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plint File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
2points.c [code]2 points value implementation
2points.h [code]2 points value description
action.c [code]Operator action handling
action.h [code]Action handling
bltin.c [code]
bltin.h [code]
boolean.c [code]Boolean value implementation
boolean.h [code]Boolean value description
cache.c [code]
cache.h [code]Cache is a way to retrieve faster data associated with hashindexes
common.h [code]
conv.c [code]Plint basic conversions
conv.h [code]Plint basic conversions
data.c [code]
prog/data.c [code]
data.h [code]
prog/data.h [code]
defines.h [code]Some common #defines
dev.c [code]
dev.h [code]
file.c [code]
file.h [code]
flow.c [code]
flow.h [code]
functions.c [code]
functions.h [code]
gc.c [code]Plint garbage collection
gc.h [code]Plint garbage collection
share/hash.c [code]
plint/data/val/hash.c [code]
share/hash.h [code]Hash is a way to map strings to data efficiently
plint/data/val/hash.h [code]Hash value implementation
include.c [code]
index.c [code]
index.c.h [code]
data/index.h [code]
prog/index.h [code]
insert.c [code]
install.h [code]
interp.c [code]
interp.h [code]
iterator.c.h [code]
iterator.h [code]
list.c [code]
list.h [code]
main.c [code]
memref.h [code]
misc.c [code]
misc.h [code]
monitor.c [code]
monitor.h [code]Monitors
mygrm.h [code]
mylex.h [code]
number.c [code]Number value implementation
number.h [code]Number value description
op.c [code]Plint data operations
op.h [code]Plint data operations
opermap.c [code]
opermap.h [code]
parse.c [code]
prog/parse.c [code]
parse.h [code]
prog/parse.h [code]
plotters.c [code]
plotters.h [code]
point.c [code]Point value implementation
point.h [code]Point value description
proc.c [code]
proc.h [code]
prog.c [code]
prog.h [code]Program shared data
range.h [code]
run.c [code]
run.h [code]
share.c [code]
share.h [code]
signal.c [code]
signal.h [code]
slot.c [code]
slot.h [code]Slot is something within a somewhat context, which you can put data into
parse/stack.c [code]
prog/stack.c [code]
parse/stack.h [code]
prog/stack.h [code]
string.c [code]String value implementation
string.h [code]String value description
sys.h [code]
table.c [code]
table.h [code]Array value implementation
trace.c [code]
trace.h [code]
tree.c [code]
data/type.c [code]Plint data types
prog/type.c [code]Plint type handling
data/type.h [code]Plint data types
prog/type.h [code]Plint variable type engine
share/types.h [code]Generic useful types
plint/data/types.h [code]Plint data typedefs
plint/prog/types.h [code]
value.h [code]Values data structure
var.c [code]
var.h [code]
variable.c.h [code]
variable.h [code]Variables data structure

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