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plint Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_cacheA cache structure
_cache_entryA cache entry structure
_hashStructure representing a hash
_hashdataStructure to hold data of a string in a hash namespace
_hashentryPer unique string hash entries
_ns_realHash namespace structure
_plint_2pt2points value
_plint_actAction automata type
_plint_cyclesA list of GC cycles
_plint_gc_cycleA cycle
_plint_gc_linkThe brick of gc mechanism
_plint_hookTypes hooks
_plint_iteIterator structure
_plint_numNumber value
_plint_operOperator context triggered-action intrinsec definition
_plint_pntPoint value
_plint_pseParser stack element structure
_plint_pstStack type
_plint_rangeA positive integer range
_plint_refsA list of the references to a node
_plint_strString value
_plint_tabArray value
_plint_typeThe plint type keys
_plint_type_ifaceThe variables' type interface
_plint_valComplete value
_plint_valueValue union
_plint_varA variable
_slot_realSlots structure
plint_cache_invparm_tCache invalidation parameter
plint_com_tCommunication between action automata states
hashindex_tAn index to a string(data) in a hash

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